This world was crazy, scary and colorful. New impulses, causes and design. Welcome to the Hippie Era.

Vintage ORIGINAL 1969 Hippie Peace Protest Flag. Measures about 60″ x 36″. Acquired in 2016 from Mr. Brokenshire who got it while visiting his brother in San Francisco in that period (1969-1970). Hope to get his history at some point and possibly a photo or two he has somewhere. When Mr. Brokenshire obtained this American Peace Flag – it was illegal! Altering the American flag like this by adding the international peace symbol was against the law. It was not until June 1974 that this law was changed under the right to Free Speech to allow such protests. Now the flag is an icon of the turmoil of the 1960s / early 1970s.

1969HippiePeaceFlagDetail I show this protest flag detail which I hope shows you how to separate the originals from the reproductions. As you can see (hopefully) each stripe is stitched, vs. the solid screened version of the repros. The fabric used in originals is also COTTON, not the polyester or what ever chemical compound they make them out of now.

Ken Kolsbun Photo

The Peace Movement on November 15, 1969 in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park when 350,000 people and widely varying political persuasions marched, rallied and staged the biggest anti-war demonstration ever seen in the West. Here, a family wrapped themselves in the American flag with the peace symbol affixed in place of the stars – like the example I show above from the same period and same location. As stated above, in 1969 protestors could be arrested for improperly using the flag.


17″ High, Hand Carved Peace Sign

As LARGE as it looks like on the computer screen – it is larger in life. From San Antonio Texas – this is a holy grail among the always popular vintage carved peace signs. A whopping 17″ tall, all hand carved – even wearing a watch! Signed on the bottom – it was created by artist Errol Reina of San Antonio TX – as a Christmas present. Best example I have ever seen of a 1960s hippie folk art peace sign… and I doubt whomever received it appreciated it half as much as I do.


Acquired this 1960’s carved peace sign from the original owner who purchased it at a 1960s Jimi Hendrix concert in Buffalo, NY. Now there’s a memory to go with it! The precise date is known –  Jimi Hendrix appeared at The Buffalo Memorial Auditorium on 3/23/68



What makes this Alexander Caldwell (yes, the artist) 1969 hippie anti-Vietnam protest button FABULOUS – is Chris Meyer, who was the original owner of this classic anti-war pinback – graciously wrote out the history of it for my collection/ archive. I consider myself a historian & collector. Thank you Mr. Meyer.



Hand painted OOAK 1960’s Hippie Folk Art vinyl hat box with the powerful political message – “Groovy Baby“… Think about the subtle nuances of that statement… was it the birth of a paisley child to lead the hippies out of Haight?  Was it a self proclamation of the mood of a Foxy Lady?  …We shall never know, but I do know that there is no truth to the rumor that Greg Brady owned this piece… I mean he was a TV character after all – that would be silly. …Or was he really the chosen one?



In this case of vintage and just plain amazing Hippie Footwear – a single boot is all that survives. The truly original shoe that was on the other foot? Walked away on a cloud of smoke I would fathom… or maybe thrown at the Dean during student unrest. A prime example of the psychedelic protest & hippie era footwear but not available at my local Thom McAn Shoe Store. These were hand painted and a one of a kind pair. Imagine walking around campus or to a concert in a pair of these!  I had boots like these back in the day, never thought of the RWB paint scheme! Dammit. Coolness avoided me.

Circa late 1960s – maybe early 1970s.

********** *  PeaceBroochRWB

This vintage rhinestone peace symbol brooch really caught my eye because of the highly unusual RWB rhinestone pattern.

1 1/2″ size.

Classy and kitschy all at once.

July 15, 2016

1960’s Greenwich Village Hippie Folk Art Rotary Phone.


This is a museum worthy artifact of the Hippie Movement of the 1960s. Hippie Folk Art at it’s finest. I acquired this 1960’s Hippie Hand Painted Rotary Phone from a Detroit Folk Art Collector/Dealer a few years ago. He had met a couple at a sale of some kind who had previously lived during the 1960s in the legendary Greenwich Village, New York City. This was the time when The Village “Coffee Houses” were bursting with new ideas and music. Maybe catch Dylan one night and Joan Baez the next. Then go out the next day and protest the war or racial injustice.
    In their apartment during this rebellious time they had proceeded to decorate all their belongings in such a psychedelic fashion. This was oh-so-sadly the only piece that he could pry from them. Would have loved to have gotten the radio.
**********   *
TheBustBook1969NYC TheBustBook1969NYCInverted2
Original 1960’s SDS counter culture artifact. So good, I show it twice… one as it appears to us and once as it may appear to stoners – well, before it starts to melt anyways.
     The BUST BOOK was published in 1969 by “Legal Rap” and distributed by the NY regional SDS, the High School Student Union, and Movement for a Democratic Society. This book was “dedicated to all political prisoners“. A bountiful 76 pages of legal dos & don’ts for the student radical, political activist, black panther, protester…. and other political discontents. Full of interesting propaganda, like: Did you know the NY Times folded in half & then rolled up made an inconspicuous weapon? In current times of course, you can just use your laptop… KAPOW!  But don’t forget to take a selfie first.
*** *** **   *
 I bought this hippie era spacey leather belt from Mr. Overlock -a former New York Hippie who attended Woodstock. I certainly believe it is all hand done and the most amazing hippie belt I have seen to date. A Buck Rogers meets Timothy Leary kind of vibe.
I also obtained from Mr. Overlock this…
purple hippie shirt with embroidered applique flowers on shoulders and upper back.  This was done by his girlfriend of the time, and is so typical of the hippie lifestyle and fashion. I also wore a purple shirt in this era… but alas I had no such embellishments – or girlfriend.
** ** ***
Exceptional 1960s Mary Quant Hippie Era Flower Power Shoes which tragically someone found on etsy before I did! What an artifact… and now I am experiencing unrequited love… just like my youth!
HippieEraShoesThe inset is a pair of
Mondrian Style MOD 1966 Vinyl Go-Go Boots – possibly European in origin. I include these examples of hippie / psychedelic / MOD era fashion as interesting examples, but ones to be clear, I do not have in my personal collection. I have though, plenty of fascinating FAB fashion in the collection to keep this site interesting.
**•***  *******
 Circa 1960s MODness… CapAdors Op Art VINYL Cap. Made in USA. What I find bewildering about this piece is not the Pop Art feel, or very MOD black and white color scheme – is considering this was discovered in Texas, wouldn’t a VINYL cap be hot as Helen of Troy? Coincidently wouldn’t that have looked look FAB with this other 1960’s relic…
56c5a5c83d715b3d0a85eed7802c32f4Meyers Op-Art Vinyl Bag or Tote. Although, if paired with the above cap – you may be one tote over the line Sweet Jesus, one tote over the line.
**  ********* *    **
Paid as much for the story as this wild Summer of Love 1967 Hippie Shirt – made in India. I purchased if from a Connecticut Ex-Hippie who told this story. When he graduated from his Eastern High School in 1967, he was young and idealistic. So what does he do? Takes off for San Francisco and this would happen to be the Summer of 1967. Immortalized as “The Summer of Love”. Talk about timing. When he got to San Francisco on his very first day walking the streets, he came across a street vendor and decided his northeastern duds were too conservative… so he bought this exceptionally colorful shirt and kept it all these years. Now it hangs on my wall – retired -like us.
****** * * * *****
This 1960’s hippie psychedelic birthday card was given to my brother during his college years 1967-1970. Name removed to protect the innocent.
********     ********
July 16, 2016

Original Period Hippie Protest Helmets

The above is a very interesting 1960s – early 1970s Hippie Protest Helmet using the iconic hippie RWB Stars and Stripes theme. What makes this different than my “Easy RiderBiker Helmet below – is this was not mass produced, but hand sprayed on a Police Riot Helmet! The lack of finesse on the spray job just adds to the authentic period character of the piece. Found in Michigan, this helmet was a nice addition to the collection.
One which I hope some day to photo match to a specific protest in the upper Midwest.EasyRiderBikerHelmetCrop
While on the vintage hippie folk art helmet theme, this is a very interesting example. Hand painted in a psychedelic pattern with a limited pallet (how much money did Hippies have for paint?) the helmet is worse for wear. However I deemed it too interesting and unique not to grab. I do not personally know about why it has what I will call a bubble visor… my assumption is that this helmet that resembles a football helmet for outer space games, is actually a biker helmet – perhaps  for use in Motorcycle Races.
********  *     *****   * ^

Fascinating look at a 1960’s San Francisco HIPPIE WEDDING. Was the dog the Best Man? I would hate to get the rings from my dog! Grrrrrr….

I’d give a photo credit, but unsure who took the photo. Maybe they are too. Maybe we all are… 



 This Hippie Dude, decked out in the iconic RWB stars & stripes counter culture hippie “uniform”, and playing a SITAR of course, which was oh-so THE SOUND of the late 1960s -, is an image that is easily found online…. That said…..  I felt I had to clean him up – not the hippie, the photo! Geez. He now looks much better and no Ivory Soap was killed or harmed making this hippy photo clean.

…I swear!

61d4328383f5e2438e621f67a6f19922  And you who are too young to remember those days thought I was kidding about the sitar! This is an album which belonged to my brother Ed – RAVI SHANKAR in NEW YORK. Hard to believe in 2016 that Ravi ravishing his sitar was such a big deal in the late 1960’s and that when he went to New York, they made a Record Album! A vinyl victory for lovers of the sitar’s sensuous sound… In 2016, not sure if there is a revival going on somewhere East of Eden, but perhaps. …As i think about it, not sure the last time the sitar has been performed in New Hampshire. I would guess at one of those comedy nights at the coffee house.

*****      ****     &*********

July 17, 2016

This is as good as authentic 1960’s Hippie Denim gets!


Gerome Ragni (1935-1991)

Co-Writer of “HAIR!” personally owned and worn, designer made, period Hippie Denim Jeans.

GeromeFlipI acquired this incredible find in 2016 from a man in Maine who was a personal friend of Mr. Ragni. In the 1970s he was invite to join Gerome and his son on a trip west but had nothing to wear. Gerome graciously extended an offer to choose anything he wanted from his personal closet – thank God he chose this! These were designed and signed by “YU” of whom I have found nothing online – perhaps they are initials? I have not been able to verify these were stage worn by Mr. Ragni who was prominent in the early stage performances of the iconic ’60’s musical HAIR! he helped create, but I have a feeling they likely were… and now stand as a testimony to a unique and talented man who revolutionized Broadway and the theatre and left many timeless songs. Gerome has sadly been gone for twenty-five years now… but HAIR! and these denim jeans live!

And for you who live in a cave where it is always winter, this is what HAIR! looks like decades later in this 2009 Broadway photo. Gerome captured the 1960’s brilliantly!Hairspan

Sara Krulwich ~ The New York Times Photo

*********  *****  ** **** *******

I found this remarkable 1960s Hippy Era relic in an online search. Followed up on it and found the seller in Florida. This sold several years ago online for $400. A good price for a good piece. Notice on the top front the artist only painted three of the Beatles! The mixture of song titles and bands of the era is fascinating. On one side I see it was dated ’69 and perhaps signed? …The “Give peace a chance” reference on the back slat also would date it to 1969. As Lennon sang in that classic anti-war song: “Ev’rybody’s talking about/Ministers, Sinisters, Banisters and canisters”. I will leave it at that.




How can I possibly do this ’60’s blog without a

Twiggy reference

once in a while?

I guess not… I do not have Twiggy in my collection…

that would be just wrong!

HippieCheers!  Here in this early ’70’s photo I just may have been toasting Twiggy. Why else would I be drinking… gasp … WINE!

************   *   ***   ***   ***   ***

Fiancees1960s mod shoes$25

Some terribly MOD vintage women’s shoes. Bursting with the late ’60s and early ’70’s colors of orange & yellow, throw in a swirl and instantly PSYCHEDELIC. They still glow from being stored in the original Fiancees Shoe Box over the years and being unused, which begs the question, why weren’t these EVER worn? ..Not even to church? 

***** *****   *   ***   ***   **


Just a reminder that the 1960’s weren’t just psychedelic shoes and hippie denim. Hoping that in our current domestic turmoil, we are not heading back to those days of upheaval.


If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there would be peace.
~ John Lennon


July 18, 2016



This classic anti counter culture pro establishment billboard: “Beautify America – get a haircut” dates from 1968. What I acquired was an original billboard mock-up by Donnelly Advertising, because if i brought an actual billboard in the house, the wife would kill me – or I’d have to build an addition. So this works fine and has to be quite rare. I also found this photo online of 1960’s hippie graffiti – may 1968 to be exact – taken somewhere along the Eastern Seaboard.

Hippie logic 101why spend money on a haircut when you can give it to the poor?


I mean really? …I mean REALLY? EyesAndLipsbikinBrigittaBjerke68

They say some one some where actually wore this bikini

on a beach… yes, a public beach… back in the 1960s.

As a hormone laced teenager, wonder if I would have stared?



This late 1960’s- early 1970’s hippie kaftan robe is psychedelic splendor at it’s… – hell, it is psychedelic rapture!

A proverbial Whirring Darvish of color, patterns and madness. An acid trip for the world to share – without the side effects like death or something…

Purchased in an online auction in 2016.


July 19, 2016


Original 1960s Psychedelic Go-Go Dress with original maker’s tag – “Acadia”.

This dress is a different take on psychedelic design than the one above. Not totally sure where they actually took it… I mean how would you describe it? Loaves of bread being “baked” in flower power ovens? Or maybe PacMan teaming up with gum drops?

A wild example of the extremes designers went to for the hippie / MOD generation creating designs the world had never seen… for better or worse. I think it is cool!

This prime hippie / psychedelic era artifact was discovered in 2016, unworn with Acadia tag in Pennsylvania.


Four MOD & Hippie Vintage Sunglasses showing how the style varied.


  • ModOrangeGlassesFlipHippiePeaceLoveSunglasses

Seeing it is summer – or here in New Hampshire we call it July – I have pulled out the MOD & Hippie vintage sunglasses I have acquired to date. Really like the hand painted LOVE (the E has wiped off) and PEACE with the iconic peace symbol on somewhat heart shaped lenses. All in all, inexpensive and fun additions to the collection…

July 20, 2016


Woodcut (blue plate), offset printing
28 x 40 inches
Uncle Sam, a traditional symbol of American patriotism, is subverted to protest the United States’ ongoing involvement in the Vietnam War.

The broadside and the poster are traditional media of protest. I am simply continuing the practice.
Seymour Chwast, The Left Handed Designer, 1985

Uncle Sam, a traditional symbol of American patriotism, is subverted to protest the United States’ ongoing involvement in the Vietnam War.

The above are the details from the Seymour Chwast Archive. My story on this important 1960’s anti~Vietnam poster is this: My brother had a copy of this Pushpin Studios masterpiece in his rebellious student years of college. His was later singed by a house fire in 1980 – so I had to find another and did… It was a poster that always fascinated me. Different than the usual imagery, somehow on a different plateau of thought. The surprising use of color, the woodcut feel, the primary graphic of Uncle Sam with a sortie in his mouth… all create a very shocking viewing experience.  There is one of these included in the Museum of Modern Art collection… and the Dick Brodeur collection as well.



Perhaps the most bizarre psychedelic hippie outfit I have acquired… perhaps it is the most bizarre Hippie Era garb out there… and this is out there!  …The pinnacle of vintage 1960’s highly creative hippie folk art clothes is this felt and studs covered denim vest. Hippie memorabilia at it’s strangest, an artifact for the ages… The original owner and perhaps creator was Amanda Lynn from the Seekonk MA area of New England.
I am glad I have her very unique piece in my collection Consider it a creative mix of 1960’s psychedelic glitz meeting Julius Caesar at a performance of Godspell…

BirdCapeSanFranSassColbyCntrCltrUpdate: Well I have finally found what may have been the creative inspiration for this coat of many colors. It may be a Hippy copy of The Bird Cape by San Francisco Bay Area artist Sass Colby. Exhibited at the Bellevue Arts Museum (Seattle) “Counter Couture” exhibition.  The director called this exhibit “the best and brightest of hippie fashions.” HMMMPPH!  I prefer the non-professional character crafted by your average every-day hippie era young woman. Hell, does theirs have all those metal studs?



Fashion in the sixties was like flying in the sky without a purple dirigible. Being lost in a dessert and the only way to quench your thirst is beet juice. Painting like Jackson Pollock while everyone else is painting still lifes… Doesn’t this whatever the hell it is Peggy Moffitt is wearing prove the above statements?

**********   ****     *        *

July 21, 2016

These are an exceptional example of authentic early 1970’s RayWellsHippieDenimJeans1

Hippie denim jeans with a colorful story from an interesting man to go with them. Actor Radio Ray Wells 1972 San Francisco Hippie denim jeans. Ray wrote: Here’s a piece of Hippy History from San Francisco circa 1972. These patches were each sewn on as needed over the course of 2 years. I would wear them, get a hole and take them to a local seamstress who was living just a few blocks from me in the Noe Valley region of San Francisco. He continues: The story is, it was 1972, I was living in a commune at 1911 Divisadero st. between Pine and California streets (San Francisco), learning about life and spiritualism, experimenting with different substances, seeking clarity and mindfulness. We learned of the evils of eating flesh, food additives, and ugly politics. Ray told me that he was wearing these hitchhiking one day, and was picked up by a gorgeous blonde which led to meeting her friends, an opportunity arose which led to his adult movie career! The money from the films paid the rent, and Ray supplemented it by selling weed, playing the harmonica in a garage band, and organizing music for parties… oh if denim could talk!  Colorful pants from a colorful hippie character – straight life from an authentic period  San Francisco Hippie Commune. A fantaaaaaastic find and thanks Ray for keeping these through the decades.


(Above left) Interesting to note these pants have Ray’s initials… given his occupation, makes sense. I like how the pocket ridge has been reinforced with piping that is almost day glo orange – and may have been very vibrant in 1972… (Right)  Note the upside down American seal, the layering of the patches, the patch shaped like a pocket covering what is an extremely intriguing  design of fabric. The mix of styles of the fabric, from floral to plaid to political.


These 1960s Penny Lane Embroidered HIPPIE Boots in the laced Granny Style – were posted on Etsy today and sold immediately at $1200jerryEdouardNordstromsBest1200Highly regarded designer and they do capture the iconic 1960’s look so they were sold quickly.

There is a pair of these on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Kate Hudson wore a pair in the movie Almost Famous.

The brand is: Jerry Edouard / Nordstroms Best.


July 22, 2016


How about these sensational sixties psychedelic slacks!

Recent acquisition and I guess they were worn as pants …Could have also been used as curtains, to scare away stray dogs, keep crows out of the cornfield, shock therapy, sell Miracle Gro, and worn dancing at Studio 54.

Imagine these with the above boots!sorry, that was mean at this time of the morning.


This belongs in the Twilight Zone for Hippies! twilightZoneEyeballRGB

A particularly interesting pendant on a long chain… A 2016 acquisition that fits in with my research on the 1960s psychedelic eye eyeball hippie era design trend (more on that tomorrow). This 2 5/8″ high pendant is a vintage hippie treasure that has a glass eye mystically placed in the middle of a metal cannabis leaf and extended from a period chain similar to what Vietnam soldiers wore in combat. I purchased this from a military dealer, so it is possible it came from a Vietnam vet’s estate. Vintage hippie jewelry making an obvious statement… maybe obvious is the wrong word… I think it means… that pot helps your eyesight? C’mon ColoradoI need some help here

***************       ***                         ****** *   *****     *

BG105  The Flying Eyeball Hendrix Fillmore Poster by Rick Griffin


JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE’s four-night stand at the Fillmore and Winterland in San Francisco in February 1968 is immortalized in this iconic 1960’s rock poster. A first printing sold on ebay for $7,104.10! Mine is a second printing (1968)rats! rats! rats! Still mine is a highly desirable one in MINT condition… I purchased this back in the late 1970s along with other Fillmore Posters from a “mail list” dealer from Kenosha, WI – for maybe $25. When I hit retirement I packed up all my treasures – including my collection of Fillmore Posters and they were carted off to Wm. Smith’s auction hall in Plainfield NH. Well, the others made it to auction, but this one I just could not let go! I went up there and confiscated it… and as my Hippie Era collection and the drive to preserve these historic relics of a short lived and bygone period has since exploded – so glad I did. Save the best and sold the rest.

The poster, called “BG105,” was design by Rick Griffin (see inset photo below).64deb1ce972bd689d8a70a5141a2b209Legend has it Griffin appropriated the flying eyeball imagery from the famed California auto detailer Von Dutch and added his own touches to reflect the sixties psychedelic movement.

Richard Alden “Rick” Griffin 


An American artist and one of the leading designers of psychedelic posters in the 1960s. As a contributor to the underground comix movement, his work appeared regularly in Zap Comix.


July 23, 2016


Psychedelic Eyeball Dress c. 1968

Designer: Kristina Gorby • St Marks Place, East Village, New York

This magnificent dress started my research on use of the eyeball in 1960’s psychedelic design. From fashion designer Kristina Gorby I purchased it directly from a lady who originally bought this fashion masterpiece in the East Village of New York City, at the legendary St. Mark’s Place in 1968. I wanted to post this in the eyeball sequence near the Jimi Hendrix Flying Eyeball Poster. I had email contact with the ground shattering designer, she is married now, known as Joan Olitski. Classic 1960s MOD design with an arresting quality that whomever wore this would not be ordinary, would not be establishment. Still, how this garment achieves this differs from the garish colors and paisley, and swirls of vibrating pink and orange found in other hippie fashion in my collection and in internet searches.

Very unique dress… but not the eyeball motif as I have discovered in my research and illustrate below




J. C. Penney’s Collection Of Decorator Fabrics

PeterMaxFabricSampler3What happens when you find an exciting period piece, swallow hard and pay an appropriate price and you find something the seller hid – that the first sample shown on this store display, the iconic ‘Dreamscape’ design fabric was FADED (more so than it appears in photo)… GROAN… and I had already spent an additional $60 on a large frame to fit this magnificently large (21″ x 27″) hippie era relic. Well…the other fabrics were all mint, so I chose one with the right colors and framed it – and on my wall it looks FABulous. An OK ending to what should have been a mind blowing acquisition.






The Peter Max colors were so mint and crisp and iconic, that I chose this fabric panel to frame utilizing a rough hewn wide surface orange frame as shown above.


CustomChainsHelmetLiner$18Any ideas on what this chain insignia stands for?

Didn’t start out as a blue helmet with the chain decal across the front…  circa 1960’s.





Fantastic vintage example of Hippie Era Embroidered Denim Skirt a superior example of Hippie Folk Art Embroidery. Very creative with magnificent embellishments, including the patterns on the denim. Created by Michelle Ferretta who lived in the San Francisco and Berkley CA area in the late 1960s / early 1970s. Michelle told me she spent many, many hours creating this – was always with her as she traveled about or was waiting for xyz.

 Proud to preserve this epic piece for posterity – wonderful example from about 1970.

   *****  *************       ***   **


Two Feet in diameter , this OOAK Hippie Era chess game board makes quite a statement. Thick plywood construction and hand carved in each end and then painted, is the word PEACE – as well as the designs and the board squares. Made in America, somewhere along the eastern seaboard – it is easy to date to the Vietnam War / Hippie eras. I would think it was made for a city park or some kind of club- too large and too heavy for home use. MAN! That would take a big closet – which were not common in the 1960s.


July 26, 20163ftTallHardPlasticPEACEsignHand$220

Discovered in – where else? – California, and expected any day now (and still waiting on Aug. 11), is this THREE FEET TALL Plastic Pop Art PEACE SIGN. Yep, 36″ of political commentary, all rendered in monochromatic cool hard plastic… Every home back in the ’60’s should have had one. Certainly would have lowered the amount of time spent watching the television set. UPDATE: As of August 19, looks like this piece will never arrive, supposedly was mis-sent to New York, and heaven knows where it is now. On Aug 23 – I got my refund.

***********   ***    *      *******

July 27, 2016

HippieEstateSanFranPeaceMedallion2Bought this authentic 1960s Hippie Peace Symbol  pendant / medallion – on a cord with wooden beads, from a seller who purchased this hand painted hippie era relic at the estate of a hippie in San Francisco. Hippie wearable folk art.



July 28, 2016

The Draft Dodger Blues

Original 1960’s Patched Hippie Denim Jeans discovered in Canada


This superb example of late 1960’s Hippie Patched Denim Jeans was discovered in Canada in early 2016. The original WWII United States Army Air Force patch is interpreted to be a DraftDodgerBluesBackpersonal statement against war and the military values held by his Father. Pretty positive these were owned by an American young male escaping the draft by fleeing to Canada. Note the interesting use of the bird motif fabric, extending or repairing the bottom edge of the Flares, the large faux pocket and the more typical patching of the usable pockets.



1972 Peter Max Designed George McGovern Pinback


I desired this pinback back in my campaign collecting days. Nice cross collecting piece – a rare example of the psychedelic era combining with American Political Campaigns in the political button category.

1 1/2″ cello style.


July 29, 2016

Original 1960’s Haight Hippie OOAK Furniture



This incredible museum worthy artifact of the Hippie Era was acquired from a San Francisco area antique dealer – who had purchased it directly from a Haight Hippie… who was also involved in the Jesus Freaks movement.

This end table was a statement piece, with carvings on the top and three sides. Note the doves of peace in each of the four top corners. The raised Peace Symbol with the religious PX within.

Typical Hippie Counter Culture RWB paint scheme, with the added element of vinyl stars.

Poverty and inflation were also of concern to the hippies. I failed to take a photo of the opposite side which had more religious overtones.

Acquired in 2014 in online auction.


July 30, 2016

Original 1960’s Haight Hippie Beanie Green’s Denim Jacket

Acquired from a friend of Beanie from Tennessee in 2016.



This denim hippie jacket is such a joy to behold… oh wait … .this jack is trippy man… way out maaaaanpsych-eeeee-dellll-ic man…. OK, got that out of my system! Beanie Green’s friend discussed the hippy known as Beanie in such glowing terms. He was a man with poetry in his heart, each day was full of wonder. He embellished this denim jacket with fabric he hand selected in the garment district of San Francisco and his work is worthy of preservation. He altered the colors of the thread, the shapes and content. Metal studs lined up on the front of the jacket. Amazing piece, I have framed and on my wall. Beanie was a living, breathing part of the San Francisco scene during the 1960’s hippie invasion.  Now all can share in  his masterpiece.


July 31, 2016



GOT to be from the 1970’s…

Vintage RWB Stars and Stripes Counter Culture Hippy Shirt… you won’t miss this one from a mile away. LOVE the stars against a blue field front pockets and cuffs. This one was a genuine “got to have it” hippie shirt.



s Anti Trident NUCLEAR Submarine Protest Flag

Discovered in the back of a Seattle closet, this vintage banner was used  in a 1975 protest against the nuclear submarine Trident, a rally co-sponsored by Ground Zero & the Seattle Religious Peace Coalition. Estimates of attendees at the protest varied from 3,000 to 7,500. One of those “hippie radicals” radicals held up this classic protest flag.


August 1, 2016

Hippie Eric’s Summer of Love Denim & Suede Cut-Offs

circa 1967



Signed Eric on the inside, these are a magnificent example of 1960’s Hippie Cut-offs. The vintage psychedelic fabric cut into shapes with the front having a flower and the letters LOVE! …Top that with being applied to suede panels and leather fringe! STOP! I am about to have a stroke… SUCH ICONIC HIPPIEISMS!… focus Dick, focus… Eric’s backside shown below…. That sounds wrong, Eric’s behind? No… OH! The patched rear of the denim cut off jeans is below. Sorry ladies.




August 2, 2016

Original 1969 Carnaby Street Tie-Dyed Rope T-Shirt

Procured directly from someone who wore this late 1960’s Hippie Era Masterpiece! His older brother purchased this at Swinging 60’s London’s legendary Granny Takes A Trip Boutique in 1969. The label reads:ROTHENBERG-BRODY – MADE IN ENGLAND.


RothenbergBrodyLabelExceptional  example of hippie tie-dyed fashion… If it is fashion. A historic relic from the era I collect… and yammer about… to myself?

Is there anybody home?

(Sorry -I do think I had a Pink Floyd moment).

T h e   P r o v e n a n c e:

1960’s/70’s Mod/Hippie Tie-Dyed Rope/Cord Tank Top

This tank top was manufactured in England by Rothenberg-Brody,
a company that was producing mod fashions at that time.  

This particular example of the tank top was purchased in London in 1969 at the famous-historical mod clothing shop Granny Takes a Trip which was located on the iconic Carnaby Street.   This is the shop where many British rock stars bought their clothes back at that time.  It was purchased by Gregory Perry and stayed in the Perry Family collection of 50’s through 70’s artifacts for the next 47 years.  

Authenticated by – Luke Perry

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August 3, 2016

Circa 1967-1972 “Over The Top” HOT PANTS.


Vintage Cloth Patch sold in Headshops


Whizzpast stated it very well:

Hot pants, along with mini skirts, might well be the 1960s greatest fashion gift to men. Launched by British fashion designer Mary Quant during the “Swinging London” scene of the mid-1960s, these super short shorts were fashionable until the early 1970s.

I was indeed a fan.

All men were fans…

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August 4, 2016

Maxine’s Detroit Hippie Appliqued Denim Jeans



These are authentic fully documented Hippie Era Denim Jeans (provenance to follow). What I decided to focus on here instead of just showing an overview of the jeans is the very advanced applique OOAK patches, which differs greatly from those in my collection that I show above. A different approach than Beanie Green’s careful selection of printed fabric from the San Francisco Garment District to achieve a similar impact. Often overlooked is the fact that not all ORIGINAL hippy denim is created using the same approach. Eric’s cut offs added fringed suede as sometimes found, but these do not.



Time for another Twiggy Moment.

That EXCEPTIONAL Psychedelic outfit would cost more than I can afford – but maybe I can find the Twiggy Clothes Hangers!


August 5, 2016

I purchased this Red, White & Purple Hippie Suede Bag with Fringe yesterday from a lady in Peterborough NH preparing for retirement. In my usual verification of age, she said she has personally owned it since the 1970’s and was OOAK but unfortunately did not recall where she had purchased the magnificent bag.

Size is 11 1/2″ long x 9″ wide.  Shoulder strap is 15 inch drop.  This is one of a kind!


Before I get to the RWB Suede Hippie Counter Culture Woodstock Vest, and the RWB Leather East West Motorcycle Jacket here is another RWB Suede Vest…1970sHippieSuedeRWB.VestFringedWitchitaI bought by accident yesterday when i thought I was buying the above bag… as it turns out, when i inquired about what i had bought I was informed this is also from the 1970’s so I may have stumbled into something good! Coming to Manchester NH from Wichita Kansas.

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August 6, 2016

Worn at Woodstock 1969

American Flag Stars & Stripes Suede Hippie Vest

Original1969WoodstockVestDetailb copy


Layout 1

The provenance I got says it all. The original owner wearing the Woodstock Vest close to a half century later. Always grateful for her preserving one incredible piece of rock history which i am proud to be it’s keeper for future generations.

OriginalWoodstockConcertgoerEXPECTED copy

Although this seems more perhaps like I would have imagined someone who went to Woodstock lived… the world for all of us has indeed changed.


1970sFamilyScottToiletPaperSaw this on Etsy

(and somehow resisted buying – even as strong as the urge to go for it was), in all it’s unopened 1970s flower power glory… Now who would have thought the flower children had to do-do? …NOT ME! “Peace and love and no poop” is what I always heard them say….


August 7, 2016


I came across this piece right out of the 1970’s this morning and for $26 w/ shipping, I could not resist.

I think, and tell me if I am wrong, the reason why it appears unused is the hippie owner could not figure out why when he pumped, no pot showed up! Damn, Man!  Now that HAD to be aggravating, …even for a peace loving hippie!


While on the Seventies Flower Power kick, how about this outrageous home-made 70’s serious bells pant suit (or wearable garden) I recently acquired…


August 8, 2016

It is 8:37 am and I have already purchased a significant hippie / psychedelic era find from a Vintage Clothing Dealer in Leeds, England.



“A truly amazing jacket from the 1960s, evoking a sense of the heady, trippy, daze of the Kings Road and Carnaby Street boutiques. Featuring- three button single breast front. Two pockets to the front. Made from a Patchwork psychedelic print velvet material. Double lapel.”

CarnabyStreetVelvetLabelMade incredibly by in Gear, in England, in Style, in the Sixties.UnionJackMannequinOOAKfromLA

“The jacket is in amazing condition retaining it’s vibrant colour and velvet texture. Having benefited from being professionally dry cleaned.” Bottom two photos show how the MOD Swinging Londoner may have worn it with clothing not in my possession nor tickets to see The Who that night…

August 9, 2016

My intent is to display the jacket on this 1960’s period mannequin with the hand painted full body Union Jack.

I acquired this from a guy in LA, who’s girlfriend had gotten it from her landlord whom I assume got it for unpaid back rent from someone who must have worked on a boutique on the Sunset Strip in the sixties…


Custom Made East West Motorcycle Jacket


The story behind this Vintage 1970’s EAST WEST MUSICAL INSTRUMENT Co. Suede Fringed Hippie Motorcycle Jacket is interesting. Terry – shown above in June 2016 – attended a party in the ’70’s and in walks a Rodeo Star wearing a similar jacket. Lo and behold, as parties sometimes work, Terry was talking to a key player at East-West who replied: “Like that? I can make you one…” No label because this beauty was custom made and not retail. The quality and style are unmistakably East-West!


August 10, 2016

Wisconsin Found Period Hippie Denim Patched Jeans




The definition of HIPPIE is: “(especially in the 1960s) a person of unconventional appearance, typically having long hair and wearing beads, associated with a subculture involving a rejection of conventional values…” Yet with that in mind, how is it I would consider these the prototypical 1960’s hippie era jeans? For all the individuality desired, there still was some “fitting in” culture involved.


August 11, 2016


Three original Hippie Era pendants.

My thought is that these three pendants I acquired represent where the so-called  Jesus Freaks sprung from the Hippie movement during the late 1960’s. I could be wrong, and would appreciate any old hippies out there to correct me if that is not true…                                                                                                                                                                      CranabyStreetPoster

I saw this particularly cool and British MOD POP Poster of a visit to vintage Carnaby Street for sale online by a New York City dealer – never seen this before… Not enough wall space for me as it is, so it may still be there!


August 12, 2016

Here is a couple items I found that the British Vintage Clothing dealer whom I purchased the velvet jacket from, had recently sold. I tend to look at the Hippie Era as a mixture of period hippie memorabilia, psychedelic and MOD design. These may qualify more as MODFinalPants

1960’s Italian made whatever you’d call them flower power pants (left) and cobra design Go-Go Boots (right). Both would make statements for whomever wore them… not sure what the statement was, but a statement was indeed made.




August 13, 2016


And out of Chicago, I purchased this… this… this…

OK, I purchased this.

***   ***

W-O-O-O-A… was I spacin’ man…

Back to the hippie dude ranch with this vintage counter culture classic.

RWB peace symbol and stripes pillow. It is hippie era decor in all it’s splendor. I was shocked it doesn’t smell of… you know….


Allen knowsLeft: Allen Ginsberg at theWomen’s House ofDetention. New York

Allen Ginsberg at the Women’s House of Detention. (Huh?)

New York, March 1964.

August 14, 2016

I tweeted this yesterday:

Did you ever wonder if all the 1960s protestors really wanted was………. No Warhol?

It was all a misunderstanding! BRING BACK NIXON!


and speaking of Nixon…

Original 1969 COUNTER INAUGURAL Banner


In 1969 at the Nixon Inauguration, demonstrators descended on DC. Instead of flowers, horse manure would be tossed at Vice President Agnew’s guests dressed in their finest gowns and tuxedos.  THAT would have pissed me off if I was a guest…CounterInaugural69BannerPhotoGirlARocks, tomatoes and smoke bombs would be hurled at newly sworn-in President Richard M. Nixon as his presidential motorcade drove along Pennsylvania Avenue. I acquired an original banner from this hippie love fest, but can not substantiate that the stains were caused by manure… eeeeuuuuuuuuu.


As you can see, these banners were used at the protest.


August 15, 2016

HippieHandmadeVelveteenBKGRND copy

Acquired this original Hippie VELVETEEN hand-done Patchwork Skirt today as a companion example to the Carnaby Street jacket.  Where they differ is obvious – this is hand patched as true hippies preferred to make their own clothes as opposed to the designer label and boutique for the MOD swinging set. Also in the London example, the design is more random than the methodology used in creating this skirt. They let the color and busy patterns do the talkin’ in the language of psychedelics.


The velveteen Go-Go Boots shown below are I am sure QUITE expensive in 2016. More outrageous 1960s clothing design – this time under the Golo Boots label.



August 16, 2016

20″ Psychedelic Fish Display A very different kind of acquisition this morning.  The seller described as …a wonderful Hippie Flowery psychedelic groovy movie prop large multi color Body and lots of intricate details this guy is sure to splash in any situation! He is old and has some damage but nothing major that takes away from his charm. The Hand Painted Papier Mache with Rope Fish Measures: 19 1/2″L x 14″W x 1″ thick and Weighs: 1 Lb 5 Oz







Discovered in a Texas Thrift Shop, who knows where he may have migrated from. Seems to date from the 1967-1972 period and looks to have been professionally designed and constructed. For whom, when and where – probably will never know.


August 17, 2016HippieLOVEvtgCufflinks

Saw these pretty nice Hippie Era LOVE Cufflinks being offered online today. They were found in an old jewelry box. I have bought enough for one day, and one week, and yes, one month… too bad, these are pretty unusual. And I mean, is this for the well dressed hippie? To wear with his maddress suit coat?

On August 19th I saw these beauties, 1960’s Gold Plated Hickok Peace Sign Cuff Links. Put those together with the LOVE ones and instant collection! But no, not me, not at this point…60sHickokGPpeaceSignCufflinks

August 18, 2016


Extremely Psychedelic


Women’s Mod-Hippie Long Sleeve Top

OK, this vintage hippie era beauty would make Sgt. Pepper get off that Yellow Submarine for a look at the lady in this period prize.


Nice Nehru Collar BTW


August 19, 2016

1960s Hippie Psychedelic Op-Art Nehru Jacket

Quintessential 60s Psychedelic Mod

60sAladdinPsychedelicNehruLtJacket4Incredible 1960’s piece. An exciting mix of the Twilight Zone, OpArt and Paisley Sperm. Now if that doesn’t epitomize Psychedelic Fashion in the Hippie Era – what the hell does? Curious about the “By Aladdin” design label, but have only found one other Nehru jacket with the “By Aladdin” label during my google binge and nothing on the company. Well made – note the fabric covered buttons – with an inspired and daring period design.

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August 20th, 20sixteen

Hippie Era RWB Stars and Stripes Suede Counterculture Vest



Classic well worn 1960’s Hippie Motorcycle Stars & Bars leather vest.  Came with an original protest button, the kind which still plays in some quarters in 2016. “Ban the Bullet“… No maker’s name on the vest which is typical – by the shape of the dark blue suede and other clues, think this was either a OOAK or limited run vest. I consider this a fabulous find – found in the state of Arizona, where I believe old hippies go to die.

   **** ******     ***

August 21, 2016

MODpastellyRhapsodybyGlazierDress2MODpastellyRhapsodybyGlazierDress1AMODpastellyRhapsodybyGlazierDress1 Acquired this yesterday. 

Amazing 1960’s PSYCHEDELIC DRESS created with an awesome pallet of pastel psychedelic colors and shapes by Glazier of Chicago, New York, and LA. Imagine the young lady wearing this while viewing Yellow Submarine… oh. WARNING! Sensory overload!


August 22, 2016

Original 1960’s Leather Paisley Go-Go Boots



A 1960’s Hippie / Psychedelic Era masterpiece! Leather paisley Go-Go boots possibly by Beth Levine like the MET’s example (Right), but unlabeled, softer more supple leather and the heel is not covered – instead a matching color of blue as intended. The boots above are likely a less expensive opportunity for the ladies of the time. The pattern has also been used in the opposite direction giving them a different look.


Aug. 23, 2016

1960s70sPeaceSignPendant1 1960s70sPeaceSignPendant2

1960’s Hippie 2″ Peace Sign pendant / medallion. Well worn from use… what kind of use? Maybe he used the rough surface to light up. Never will knowBUT I have my suspicions!

****     ***    ******    *

Aug 24, 2016


 1960’s Haight Ashbury Street Vendor Peace Sign Medallion

Purchased this period pendant from a “Jersey girl” who originally bought this from a street vendor in The Haight back in the 1960s. VERY different than you normally see, all hand constructed and the Peace Symbol for reasons the artist only knew, the symbol was embellished upon with an extra pair of angled extensions. Maybe he was seeing double that day, whom am I to judge… Three inches wide, original leather strap and a wonderful patina. This one is museum quality.


August 26, 2016

1960’s Philadelphia “Electric Flag and Flea Market” Pinback


ElectricFactoryPinback2This morning I bought a pinback with a wonderful first account history. From the 1968 opening night of the Electric Factory and Flea Market – psychedelic Rock venue at 2201 Arch Street in Philadelphia. She told me “he opening of the electric factory was a big sensation in was a rather small place but very psychedelic.” She also said “THIS WAS MINE. 1960S. I WAS THERE THE NiGHT THE ELECTRIC FACTORY OPENED..QUITE AN EYE OPENER…ELECTRIC FACTORY WAS PSYCHEDELIC..ALL MAJOR GROUPS APPEARED THERE.I SAW THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND~JOE COCKER~MOTHERS OF INVENTION.,ETC.I HAVE NOT WORN THIS SINCE THAT NIGHT.”

Electric Factory, 1968-1973

Electric Factory poster1“The original Electric Factory was founded by Sheldon Kaplan, Herbert Spivak, and his brothers Jerry Spivak and Allen Spivak. They soon hired Larry Magid to book all of the shows. Kaplan sold his stake in the company after the Atlantic City Pop Festival and Magid stepped up to became a partner.

The original venue was a converted tire warehouse on the northwest corner of 22nd and Arch Streets, which opened in 1968, and was originally called the “Electric Factory & Flea Market.” A few doors down on the north side of Arch Street, between 21st and 22nd streets, was the first concert venue in that area, independent of the Electric Factory, a place called the “Trauma.” The first performers, on February 2, 1968, were the Chambers Brothers. The building closed in 1973, and was eventually torn down and replaced with condominiums”. AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH… OK, I had to express my disdain for that last part of the Wikipedia submission.


2016 le 27, Auguste


1960’s ZIG ZAG Suede Shorts

You learn something new every day. Today you will learn ZIG ZAG – YES THAT ZIG ZAG, made fine suede fashion in San Francisco during the late 1960s. There is no research available to determine if they used fine Columbian Suede to make their garments, which were so smooth to roll into. So legend has it. These came from Washington state, which as we all know – makes them legal.

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August 28, 2016

Last week as a collector was the most incredible week ever. Beyond the two peace sign pendants/necklaces shown above and the rare 1968 2″ (Psychedelic) Electric Factory opening night pinback, I was also fortunate to get three prime pieces from around the world… From Florida to Australia to the UK. Spent WAY, WAY too much money last week –  but when you find true quality – find a way to pay. Will be posting these three soon.


August 30, 2016

First of the epic acquisitions is here…

Vintage Hippie Grateful Dead Concert Attire

DeadHeadCutoffs1deadheadcutoffs2deadheadcutoffs3deadheadcutoffs4deadheadcutoffs5 OK DEADHEADS…

These 1960s hippie patched and embroidered denim cutoffs were worn to a staggering SIXTY Grateful Dead Concerts by the hippie deadhead, now retired in Florida. She created this wonderful psychedelic trip through hippie era fashion and worked on them through the years. Details are coming…  these are what I would call HOT PANTS…

August 31, 2016

1960’s Hippie Motorcycle Suede American Flag Counter Culture Pants

Ironically made in Juarez Mexico


The person I purchased this iconic Hippie Era artifact from, bought them in Texas. I already have a similar jacket, several vests, hat, sash, and stash bag. I just could not resist these inspite of being way over budget this month… hell – this year.


September 1, 2016

1960s MOD Kaiser (West Germany) 60’s MOD Pedestal Alarm Clock.



Purchased from a UK Seller this morning. Great mid century look (love the numbers on the dial!) and functional. Even the stoic alarm clock had a space age design, everything for a new and beautiful world the youth felt had arrived – the age of Aquarius – looking at the world in 2016, may be we need a sequel.


September 4, 2016

1968 Peter Max Pop Art Sneakers

Made by the Randy Company. 


OK, I have officially lost my mind. Hopeless fanatic. A groovy but senile Grandpa of collectors. Paid more for these than anything else in my collection… almost the last(?) in a sequence that will take a while to pay off.  Opportunity knocked and my head rattled yes…  More photos to come.

September 5, 2016

1960s Peter Max Wrangler Hot Pants




A stellar cornerstone piece I just added to myPeterMaxWranglerHotPantsDeadstock$500B hippie / psychedelic era collection.
Currently coming to me from Australia. Not the model, just the pants. Sigh.

Exceptionally rare example with the Wrangler sales card still attached. Originally saw these on someone’s travel blog, immediately wanted them – and took some time and too much money but they are now part of my collection. Rare to find this fruit pattern, never mind in deadstock condition. Will post close-ups at a later date.


September 6, 2016

British peacock era 1970 Psychedelic Vest

From London’s iconic MR. FISH Boutique


Radical piece of psychedelic fashion from an iconic source – although lacking a Mr. Fish label comes to me from a well respected British Vintage Clothing expert.




Detail of the vintage psychedelic Swinging London vest.

That Mr. Fish was an incredibly bold designer. This may require another mannequin. Look at the varying texture on those color blocks!


September 7, 2016

1968 Peter Max Fruit Pattern Hot Pants

Took some detailed photos this morning and can share them now.



September 12, 2016


The individual who collected these was “a student at UCLA from 1965 to 1970 and at UC Berkeley from 1970-1974. He originally had 45 of these, but 15 of them had faded or were otherwise not in a great state of preservation, so they went to his son. At around the same period, he published a booklet on psychedelics (2 versions under two titles). This man originated two terms: “Mellow Yellow,” as a satire chapter in the booklet, which when he related the story of smoking banana peel scrapings to Donovan, in 1966, a singer and song writer, and “Orange Sunshine” for his friend Tim Leary, when LSD-25, as they called it was legal.” An important collection from an important player in the hippie era… the fact that he was at Berkeley – not too, too surprising. Glad I will now the keeper of the collection.


September 13, 2016 AD


May 1970 Kent State Hippie Peace Flag

Found inside a scrapbook that had been tossed in with some discarded materials in a University Hts Ohio estate clean out. The seller was damp, which may attribute to the water stains. Unfortunately the paper materials (attributions) in the scrapbook were beyond salvage, but one thing was verified. The original student had been at KENT STATE UNIVERSITY during the May 4, 197o Massacre. At 11.5″ x 18″, it is much smaller scale than the 3′ x 5′ flag at the top of this blog.

*******    *     ****

Sept. 14, 2016

1960spetermaxduohotpants1 A pair of deadstock 1960s Peter Max Hot Pants

Deadstock for deadheads. A MAXnificent psychedelic swirl of color and shapes. Not one but TWO I had the good fortune and financial insanity to add to the collection this summer.

#Peter Max  #1960s  #Hot Pants  #Psychedelic  #Fashion


Sept. 16, 2016


Original 1960s Peter Max fabric

GORGEOUS example of Peter Max fabric – which I should be able to name but drawing a blank. petermaxdressmetOn a frame & ready to hang. It measures 46″ tall by 34″ wide. There are about 3 to 4 inches of fabric that wraps around the back as well.

This is an example of the above Peter Max fabric which was used to create this dress which is now owned by the Metropolitan Museum.


September 17, 2016

San Francisco Hippie Era Psychedelic Needlepoint


 Stumbled across this on Thursday and it was instantly like throwing a match into gunpowder…BANG! …SIGNED (I believe) “D. McPherson” and completion date is 1974. A PERIOD PSYCHEDELIC needlepoint of a hippie home in San Francisco and one would think in Haight – Ashbury.  Extraordinary color and psychedelic imagery during the Hippie Era… It is signed so I am hoping this may be a OOAK…  However, what if i find there are more than one of these? – Although I have not found anything close – this colorful vintage needlepoint is a rare and colorful artifact of the Hippie & Psychedelic Culture. …I mean seriously, look at the psychedelic mushrooms by the side of the road! The creativity is far out. Man -O-man… Does it get better than this? Old hippies, SALUTE!

#The Haight #Hippie #Hippy #San Francisco #1960s #1970s #Psychedelic #Needlepoint #Vintage #Trippy


September 19, 2016

johnscarnabystreetkaftan2Lord John Of Carnaby Street Kaftan “Pothead” (Potted) History. (The original ownerbought this from the store /shop in Carnaby Street in London back in 1965 around Christmas time. I was determined to have something exclusive from the best shop in my opinion and that wasjohnscarnabystreetkaftan3 Lord John It was the shop where you would see band members of The Small Faces, Rolling Stones, The Who and dolly birds as they were called then like model Twiggy, Cathy McGowan who was a compare on the famous Ready Steady Go tv show here in UK. I also saw singer Sandie Shaw there on one visit. There was no snobbiness or egos and everyone just said hi man how are you doing? Are you digging this scene! It was a really cool time to be young with so much going on, love and peace and non stop partying and good times. Music was heard everywhere you went, in the shops the coffee bars and on the streets blasting out from peoples radios. There were lots of clubs in London that you could visit and hear lots of different styles of music from Blues (John Mayall, Alexis Korner) R&B (The Rolling Stones, The Pretty Things ) Psychedelic (Pink Floyd, Traffic). There was also clubs where you could hear Bluebeat and early Ska. My kaftan was worn to many parties where peoplejohnscarnabystreetkaftan4 would enjoy the latest vinyl LP records owned by the host and usually guests would bring their latest purchases to introduce others to what was turning them on. That is why LP records from that era are very rare to find in excellent condition. I hasten to add that I have a vast collection that I treasured as best I could. The first music festival I went to was The Isle Of Wight Music Festival 29th to 31st August 1969 and my kaftan went with me then. It was truly amazing and had the fantastic Bob Dylan on stage as well as The Who, The Doors and many others… My kaftan and I next went to the UK’s equivalent of Woodstock called “The Bath Festival Of Blues and Progressive Rock” which was held 27th to 29th June 1970 in Shepton Mallet which is in Somerset in England.” A fabulous piece of 60s MOD psychedelic fashion and thanks John for all the stories, it is greatly appreciated.


September 28, 2016


bockton60spsychedelicmaxidress2This 1960’s psychedelic magnificence comes to the collection from a lady in Brockton, MA. She and her older sister each had a matching maxi dress – her mom tried to dress her sister &  herself as twins even though we were 4 years apart… OH Moms…  She added “These dresses are so beautiful, colorful & fun. I remember the 1st time I wore mine, I felt like a model w/my white patent leather sandals. My mom actually told me my dad brought these home in 1968, he fixed sewing machines at companies & people would give him clothing & things to bring home for us, sometimes they would be to big to wear right away so my mom put them away for us later”… Union made of 100% Nylon as written on tag.


September 29, 2016

brockton1960sstripedbellbottoms17 We all wore some bells with radical striping back in the era. This pair of perhaps unworn pants came from the same Brockton MA sisters that brought me the above psychedelic maxi dress… no, I can not even envision someone wearing these under the above dress.


October the 4th, two thousand sixteen AD

 1960s Peter Max “Smile” Sneakers

(pair number 2)


Sometimes, some-times, I feel you have to strike when the iron is hot and although I had recently purchased a pair of these – and for even more money, the condition of these was too much to resist… worn by a late 1960s Colorado college student a few times – and apparently not outdoors – these iconic 1960s shoes are in fabulous condition as she kept them boxed in her closet through the decades… almost another deadstock Peter Max find.


October 6, 2016


Deadstock 1972 Peter Max Sunglasses

with Lenses

Right time, right place find. Had my choice of three just listed original Peter Max glasses that had been found in a closed optometrist office’s storage. Chose these with the lenses, others were open frames.


Oct. 16, 2016


 I framed the absolutely fabulous San Francisco hippie folk art ooak needlepoint I wrote about last month. I created the style of frame I felt would work best and had a frame shop build it for me. Funniest thing was trying to remove the original 1970s frame! I found was no easy task. The original hippie framer used a MINIMUM of 49 nails to attach the wooden frame to the wooden needlepoint frame… so I improvised. Put my colorful frame around the original silver and blue frame the artist chose remains as an inner frame. Worked as well as I could ever hope. Fascinating piece. Someone found this in a Seattle second-hand store… so much of what I want comes from the West Coast.


October 19, 2016


Early 1970’s Hippy Patches

(Wish they had not cut them off the shirt though)


Vintage Peter Max Glasses

Shows the comparison in colors and style between the lensless frame I recently purchased and the sunglasses I acquired & showed earlier.


October 24, 2016


Peter Max 1960s OOAK Shirt

Made by a mother in Tennessee back in the 1960s for her daughter out of – gasp- PETER MAX SILK SCARVES! Unique hippie era folk art that borders on well beyond FAR OUT coolness. Was well worn, has a hole under one arm that was repaired and then it split again.I love the fact it was well worn and used during that happening era.


Oct. 26th, 2016

1960s Hippie Embroidered Denim Jeans


The original artist of these magnificent hippie era jeans, dated them to 1968.  They are classier than most hippie era jeans, not with layers of patches that you read like rings on a tree – but a simple beauty that is hard to deny. I can positively say these were NOT worn in the mud and the drugs of Woodstock 1969.

**  ***  **    ******** *

October Twenty-Seven, Two Thousand Sixteen


I wonder where this dude is today?


November 3rd, 2016

Nottingham NH Hippie’s Estate 60s Clothing 






8 Novembre

Vintage Peter Max Wrangler Psychedelic Print Shirt

circa late 1960’s ~ early 1970s



Peter Max Design

A swirling whirling psychedelic universe – button down style. The late 60s – early 1970s contribution to fashion may at this point seem more neanderthal than hip, more madness than mod – but damn if this isn’t trippy I do not know what is.


Nov. 12, 2016

Randy’s Peter Max Toddler Shoes with Box (c.1968)

I think all Peter Max 1960s sneakers are rare but this pairrandyspatermaxbabyshoes2 even more so. Not only in the original Randy’s shoebox, but TODDLER SIZE! I acquired these from someone in Colorado who had stored these for all these years. I expect that not many of these at these survived.



Nov. 14, 2016


Found this item in the Candy Wrapper Museum. Heard about this relic before, but this is a clear photo with a precise description. Thanks CWM.

A Hippy Sippy candy “syringe.” Perhaps the most inappropriate candy of all time, it was released in 1968 by R. L. Albert. Each syringe came with one of ten groovy pins with slogans like “I’ll Try Anything” and “Sock It To Me, Baby.” It was met with swift and loud protest by outraged parents and was soon removed from shelves. Due to this, it’s ultra-rare today.


Sunday November 20, 2016

The 40 Year Hippie Denim Jeans


I have been fortunate in acquiring  spaceshippie40yearjeansdetailmultiple original hippie era patched denim jeans — but these… but these…. well, are really unique.

First they were owned by a life long hippie named… wait for it… ok, drumroll… “Space”. It may be a total incalculable mystery to some how a hippie could acquire the name “Space” but for we who recall the late 1960s and early 1970s – um, not so much. I call these “The 40 year hippie jeans” because that’s how long they were worked on – until our hippie benefactor “Space” spaceshippie40yearjeansbackA/ ran out of lady friends who would work on them and B/ his waist line – like all of ours – grew so they did not fit.

These are HEAVY not only from all the patching, but actually are THREE pairs of denim jeans morphed into one. Although this hippie folk art was begun in the late 1960s to maybe the early 1970s, they were not completed until the 21st century. Museum quality denim jeans. If there are any ex-hippies reading this, I would ask you a question – Did many hippies go my what I will call nicknames? The best hippie vest I have was created by a hippie named “Beanie Green” which was implied by his friend, that was not his birth name. Any help is appreciated.

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November 21st in the year 2016


British 1960’s Imprinted LOVE TRIP Hippie Levis

The seller in the UK wrote me:

Hello Dick
My mother bought them whilst on holidayuklevislovetrip3 in Morecambe. Lancashire. They were already printed when she bought them.
They were a talking point but nobody can remember them ever being worn. Simply placed in a cupboard and forgotten about.
Hope this helps

Thanks Jason – these are a remarkable example of the period. Psychedelic fonts and content, a back side that is Pop Art-ish – nope, don’t have anything else or seen anything else that is close.

There were two pairs discovered, I was willing to go higher on these and they were the only one I won in a British auction… the other pair is shown below.


    **********  ********  *   ***************

November 22nd, 2016

Early 1970s Woodstock, NY

Vibrations MC Vest



An amazing Hippie Era find. This early 1970′s VIBRATIONS Motorcycle Club Biker Vest from Woodstock NY – has on the back an incredible hand done large motorcycle club patch where the local club modified the Woodstock 1969 Festival Logo into a bird of peace on a motorcycle handlebar – this came from an estate collection in Tennessee. The vibrant colors of the liner I feel date it to no later than 1972 or maybe ‘73 and were not typical like the cliche of a ’60’s motorcycle gang like you saw in the movies of the era – but likely more  – shall I say – laid back. Vest appears all hand made (with sewing machine) makes me think not many of these were created or likely survive. It is interesting that the material used was not the typical leather or denim. Never seen anything like this, qualified as a “gotta have it“… especially with the liner of many colors.


December Sixteen, Two Thousand Sixteen

Original Woodstock 1969 Staff Pass

Ruined from the infamous Woodstock rain!



January 23, 2017

In the Spirit of Abbie Hoffman, Peace Loving Protest Shirt


Great shirt to have both the counter culture American Flag usage as well as the peace sign. Very bold, used artifact of the 1960’s unrest. Only other time I have seen this fabric used was in a tablecloth! Go figure



January 24, 2017

Carnaby Street London  Jacket with William Morris Pattern

Fabulous jacket purchased from a London vintage clothing dealer. Unfortunately, untagged as to boutique but I have seen clothes similar examples worn by 60’s the mod and famous in old photographs.

******   **     *

Feb.11, 2017

Late 1960’s Peter Max General Electric Clock MIB



VERY hard to find in Mint, UNUSED condition in a superb condition and very psychedelic Original Box. This is a beauty!


11″ Square 1960’s Peace Flag on Wooden Pole


***** ***** *

Feb 15th, 2017

Canadian Hippie Art / Painting  28.5″ by 28″


Original painting 1960s Woodstock era, colorfulhippiepsychedelicpaintingvancouverback psychedelic with striking black background.

The raw painting captures 60s music, hippie, peace, love, flower power – the whole shebang. Add to it Led Zeppelin & Iron Butterfly  ~ Nice hippie painting on the surface, but this painting says more on the back the Satanic reference and “Clark Park” in Psychedelic Type Style seems to suggest something different, something darker. Believed to have been created in the Vancouver Clark Park which was ruled by gangs in the 1960s and 1970s.

The story of the infamous Clark Park Gang has been told by Vancouver writer and historian Aaron Chapman in his new book The Last Gang in Town.

*****   *                                   ******

Feb 16, 2017


Unique Carpet Belt owned by a

1960’s San Francisco Hippie

named MOON

The tales of her beauty were still being told by the man whom she gave this to…


March 04, 2017



I’ll let my correspondence with the original owner tell this story:

Hi Dick! I am turning 65 this year. I am happy to see a resurgence of interest in the 60s and 70s . Yup, I owned this flag. Grew up in Florida, thus the boat flag… girlfriend made the flag… I displayed it at least 50 protests and demonstrations. In a few, it was hung from the taillight rod of a friend’s motorcycle. Me and my buddy took it on a 5K round trip to Frisco to go to a protest in 1970– I had just graduated from high school. Might add that someone tried to steal it while we were there… took it off the bike every night after that! Got arrested at several protests… one in DC, and one in Orlando… Thanks for honoring it with inclusion into your collection! It’ll ship out first thing tomorrow morning. All the best to you! Bob………….. ∆ New message • Wow, Dick, I’m humbled by your kind comments. I, along with millions of others, just did what we had to do to let the government know how we felt! I lost 13 friends in the war… they gave their lives for nothing. They were real heroes. Getting arrested is nothing compared to their sacrifices. I might add that because of a class action lawsuit, my police record was expunged… so I suffered little for my protests. But I am happy that folks like yourself are helping keep the memory of those times alive. I appreciate it very much!

*****      *******      *    *     ****

March 09, 2017



Vietnam Vet’s 1960s – early 1970s Painted Magic Mushroom Art.

Hippie Psychedelic Folk Art. Acquired from a seller in Anaheim California who told me “the vet and his buddy in a wheelchair, were great guys with great attitudes. They were at the swap meet selling, I can tell that they just needed money. They didn’t have a whole lot to sell.”

Size is 7″ x 7″.




[SNCC] Pinback


I will let the person i acquired this from to describe it:

Description:  An original pin I acquired while in college in the 1960’s; SNCC not only organized for civil rights, but was active in Antiwar protests as well, which is probably where I got the pin.  2 1/4  inches diameter.


March 31, 2017

Hippie Folk Art Guitar Case Painted at WOODSTOCK LancesDadWOODSTOCKguitarCase4LancesDadWOODSTOCKguitarCase3LancesDadWOODSTOCKprovenance1


This exceptional example of the Hippie Counter Culture is greatly enhanced by the provenance letter that was in the case. This is one of two cases that changed hands between neighbors in Illinois when one was moving, and THANKYOUGOD he didn’t want to throw them out so gave them to his neighbor, who stored them in his garage for years until recently, and then not wishing to throw them out THANKYOUGOD auctioned them off… which is where I gleefully come in. These are cornerstone pieces for a collection like mine. Rare as hippie folk art, instrument cases are especially rare, and to make my brain a starry, starry night – THEY WERE DECORATED AT WOODSTOCK in 1969! Just grateful I am on a low sodium diet or I may have just had THE BIG ONE… gasping for breath here. 🙂


April 16, 2017 PlanetLevis1967StorePoster1

1967 PLANET LEVIS & Levi’s Decorative Patches

in-store advertising posters



Rare & Trippy 1967 PLANET LEVIS in-store advertising poster in a weird size: 22′ x 30 3/4″. And a smaller early 1970s LEVI’S decorative patches poster. Both are from a Men’s Clothing Store that had been in business for the last hundred years. These advertising posters were old warehouse stock never used and nicely preserved. The Store was in the Chicago Area.


April 22, 2017


“I came upon a child of God
He was walking along the road
And I asked him, where are you going
And this he told me
I’m going on down to Yasgur’s farm…”

Hope to get the rust cleaned up a bit this summer, but this is a rare bird, and this bird has flown!


April 23, 2017

Rare 1970 Woodstock Movie PROMOTIONAL jacket / shirt


Their Woodstock story and how it led to their acquisition of this rare piece says more than I ever could.

*********  *(*  ****


 1960′s POP ART electric WALL CLOCK shaped like a hippie era WATCH.

OVER THREE FEET Tall! If Claes Oldenburg was high, he may have created this. However instead, it was created in the USA by Spartus.


May 4, 2017

MAY 5th 1970 Hand Serigraphed Kent State Shooting Protest Poster

Being the 47th anniversary of the 1970 Kent State Massacre I want to show a recent acquisition. Instead of explaining it myself – this from the man, Sumner Stone who was there in Boston when this created:



Of the 4 OR 5 Copies, I kept 2 and the other 2 OR 3 were put up on walls. MY OTHER COPY WAS GIVEN AWAY BY ME AT LEAST 25 YEARS AGO- I don’t recollect to whom – and has been lost in the shuffle. I have no idea if it still exists today


Cinco de Hippy, 2017


Signed 1972 Jimi Hendrix Foil Hippie Folk Art

Framed Jimi Hendrix Foil Hippie Folk Art, signed by K. Evans, 1972 and in a heavy, customized with paint, wooden frame. Discovered in the Detroit area. Created with crinkled painted foil that must have looked killer under a blacklight. Large poster size – 24″ x 32″. I do not know if this was created using a poster, but it is psychedelic and I have never seen anything quite like this before.


Quaker Oats Co.

1972 Girl Scout Cookies psychedelic poster


 ©Quaker Oats Co. 1972 Girl Scout Cookies psychedelic poster which utilizes a pink – yes PINK or maybe Magenta KING KONG on a Yellow Empire State Building to sell GIRL SCOUT cookies! Wild and a period marvel – and successful as I now have a craving for a thin mint and a glass of cold milk. High adventure does that to me I guess.



May the 9 . Year the 2017


MAGNIFICENTLY embroidered 1960’s original protest jacket created by the original owner’s then girlfriend in Philadelphia. She was an artist – which seems obvious. Some of the finest embroidery I have found. The camel cigarette pack for a pocket is inspired, and also shows how times have changed. The “hippie wreath” in back she created by tearing a hole in the inner lining!?! The landscape embroidery on another pocket I had not noticed until shooting these photos this morning. A work of art that had hung in this man’s closet for DECADES even when he retired to Florida – next to his father’s military uniform. Nice addition.


PhiladelphiaEmbroidered60sProtestJacket71960s Hippie Embroidery



1960s Patched Hippie Denim Jeans

From Colorado estate of a woman artist originally from Maryland.



Very high quality for this genre of original hippie memorabilia, she exhibited imagination & creativity. One of my best that I have collected.

******         ******       *




1968IncIguanasHippiePsychedelicGuitar6Dated 1968 and artist signed Hippie Psychedelic Folk Art at it’s best! A hand painted guitar for the INCREDIBLE IGUANAS which I assume were a California garage club band of the late 1960s. Guitar was discovered in the Anaheim area. The painted guitar is a special artifact of the 1960s hippie era, glad I finally have one – and this is a beauty.


May 27, 2017

1960s Hippie Emroidered, Patched, Studded, Bedazzled Levis (Big E) Jacket



1960’s California studded, patched and embroidered Hippie Levis Big E Jacket. This amazing hippie artifact was discovered in the San Jose area in a storage facility. There are multiple things I find so amazing about this piece that looks like it was out in the rainy season with the rust and tarnish, starting with the Hippie folk Art embroidery on the back. The artist was discerningly proud about being in the drug culture of the times. The American “arrow” on the front is likely a phalanx symbol. This is also the first jacket I have found that has been – for no better term, bedazzled. Add to that the star shape studs – which some have fallen off and i consider this a classic example of the genre. I really like this one!


May 29, 2017 • Memorial Day


Vintage 22″ Hippie Folk Art Metal Peace Symbol

Found in a barn in Wisconsin during an estate auction. Hippie Folk Art circa 1960s. The interior cut from sheet metal and painted in the old flat green paint and soldered to this iron circular rim. Hanging on my hallway wall as I type.


June 11, 2017

Signed Original Peter Max

1960’s Advertising Poster


SIGNED Original Peter Max 1969 Advertising Poster for J.C. Penney who ran a fashion line of his in the era. Rare poster made rarer by his signed and dated autograph. About as psychedelic a commercial adverting poster as ever was made.

******     ******





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