This world was crazy, scary and colorful. New impulses, causes and design. Welcome to the Hippie Era… II


The Dick Brodeur aka the Hippie Archaeologist Collection.

Preserving the short-lived Hippie / Psychedelic / MOD era (1965-1973 or so) through it’s memorabilia and stories.

NukeItMy first incarnation of this blog had an accident…  Yeah THAT kind of accident… a year’s work vaporized… poof!



Original 1960’s Painted Hippie Guitar

Discovered in an Austin, TX Estate Sale in the early 1970s.


The unique 1960s belt worn by a Haight Hippie named Moon


This OOAK hippie belt was acquired from someone who was gifted it personally by Moon. She has sadly now passed as many from the San Francisco Flower Children scene have – but he still talked with awe about her beauty nearly fifty years later.


1960s Haight Artisan Made Hippie Lady’s Belt


This is a truly remarkable artifact to have survived from the 1960’s San Francisco Hippie Era. Personally, I think this may be the greatest 1960s hippie HaightHippiePurpleArtNouveauBelt1belt ever made. Style, color, size – it has it all… Seller in conjunction with the owner described it like this “This is a gorgeous handmade, hand painted one of a kind leather belt with abalone inlay & purple suede backing. It was made by a very talented leather artisan in a Art Nouveau design and purchased in San Francisco in the 60s. It was proudly worn in the Haight-Ashbury district and admired by many. Truly part of the 60s revolution’s history! It <was> part of a Northern California art collection.” Also he added this when I inquired “The original owner is my client. He and his wife lived in the Haight for years. She loved this belt and it was hand made for her. She died years ago and he is now selling it”.

It is distressing when I acquire items from those who lived the dream so to speak and have now passed too soon but gives me all the more passion to preserve their lives for future generations.


1960s MOD Beach Hats in Psychedelic Colors


NOS with the Paul B. Stone Originals label

These do not need a description…


1960s Harlequin Over-The-Top MOD Sunglasses


Imagine these paired with that orange beach hat above!


Authentic Hippie Peace Symbol Medallions

I particularly like the creative representation of the peace symbol that the 1960s San Francisco street artisan created on the left.


Original Early 1970s OOAK NY Space Theme Hippie Leather Belt


Acquired in 2016 from Bo Overlock – a self described New York Hippie who attended Woodstock. He wore this belt in the early 1970s. The space theme is found in other pieces, but this example which has rockets with colorful suede exhaust, multiple colored Planet Saturns and no stars is unique in my experience.


Multi-purposing 1960s Counter Culture Fabric



Right out of the Abbie Hoffman era, I have acquired a shirt and a tablecloth (from the original owner) that intertwine the peace symbol and the American Flag motif in a bold Hippie kind-of-way.


Signed & Dated Peter Max 1969 Advertising Poster


Original Vintage PETER MAX 36″ x 24″ J. C. PENNEY’s Signed & Dated Poster acquired from a Lansing Michigan collection. Perhaps the most psychedelic advertising poster ever made. Forget the “perhaps”…

• • • Ω• Ω• Ω•

1960’s Peter Max Wall Clock, Unused in Original Box


Original period 1960s Peter Max wall clock in the Opticon design mint unused in original psychedelic checkerboard box.


Original 1960’s Tie Dye American Target B.V.D. T-Shirt



… All I know about the history of this remarkable hippie era artifact is that it was one of three and came out of a now defunct Harrisburg, PA vintage shop. I have never seen this kind of “controlled” tie-dye before. My feeling is this was likely created for an anti-Vietnam War protest, perhaps on a campus near Harrisburg… the label puts it in the right period. I also surmise the holes around the target were purposely created, along with the “Blood” stains smeared here and there for effect when the protestor may have fallen to the ground. Incredible piece, and highly unusual.

______    * • @

1972 VOTE Bellbottoms & Necktie


I did NOT wear these to the voting booth for my first vote…










Original 1970 Mr. Fish of London Psychedelic Vest


Designed by London Fashion Designer Mr. Fish, “a fashion icon known for designing flamboyant, attention-getting clothing for notable celebrities of the 1960s and 1970s such as Peter Sellers, Lord Snowden, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie”. I acquired this from a reputable British vintage clothing establishment, and they accredited it to Mr. Fish, and dated it to 1970. One wild MOD period textile. 


1960s Psychedelic Dress with the “Toby Tanner by Marjorie Lord” label


Took advantage of a Labor Day weekend sale on Etsy today to snag this perfect period textile… A circa 1960s Psychedelic Dress with the “Toby Tanner by Marjorie Lord” label.Psychedelic60sTobyTannerPolyDress4 To be candid, there was no way for me to pass by this, I mean with a single “way too big” collar it has a color scheme of purple and orange!!! PURPLE & ORANGE! I am ALL IN on that!Psychedelic60sTobyTannerPolyDress2

That made not only a fashion statement, but is probably responsible for drug testing by employers today.






Embroidered 1960s HOHNER Harmonica Performer’s Big E Levis

Truly unique Embroidered 1960s HOHNER Harmonica Performer’s big E Levis which I acquired from North Carolina. Worn by a Professional Musician, for concert performing. The front pockets are hand stitched by the owner, made them to hold harmonicas, which were included. HohnerNCbandEmbroideredJeans3

These Artistically Embellished jeans were designed and stitched by a Professional Artist/Seamstress specially for the Musician. As the performer described them: “They are a one of a kind design of Peace, Love & Rock n’ Roll… These embellished designs have special meanings of Good Fortune & Music. The four leaf clover represents good fortune. The ‘Hohner’ design on the right leg is the design that was on the boxes of the Hohner Harmonicas. The musical notes and the range of colors represent the era. The embellished stitching is professionally crafted and in excellent condition”.


Never seen a period pair with the musical instrument product logo embroidered on the jeans… and the added bonus of being concert worn. Never learned whom he played for.


Original Hippie Era Sculpture


A unique OOAK 1970 (assuming “70” on bottom is the year) sculpture/ bust discovered at an estate sale in Missouri. Note the peace symbol hanging from the hippy’s neck is actually the Mercedes Benz logo suggesting the artist chose a hippie subject but was not one themself… HippieBust1970Sculpture2

This piece stands 11.25″ Tall and base 4.5″ x 4.5″ wide . It looks to be made of metal (like bronze) but I feel it may have been produced out of potters clay with an unknown glaze technique? Not magnetic. However, you can see how it was pieced together thus created in parts and not from a single mold which would be unusual construction in a clay sculpture… . The seller felt this is hollow but hard to prove or disprove, and weighs in the ballpark of a surprising 4 lbs.

Nice period art immortalizing a hippie free spirit regardless of the material. Looks at home in the collection.



1970’s Hippie Folk Art Stash Box


This original 1970s inscribed with hippie verse, dated & signed Hippie Folk Art Stash Box is a year beyond the window I look for (1965-1975), but after all the hippie spirit and the hippies themselves didn’t just disappear by ’75. This is a fine example of the imagery and materials used in the “What do you make to give a hippie that means a lot to me?” way… No doubt it is the real deal. I mean, his/her name was RAYNBO! If that isn’t a classic hippie name, what is?

The 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ wooden box, is covered with leather and the interior lined with very colorful cloth.


Oct. 20, 2017

1970’s ANTONIO GUISEPPE                                      Embroidered YES “Songs” Custom Rocker Denim Jacket


I heard recently that YES will be a new inductee YESembroideredJacketLosAng2into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. This fabulous jacket was originally paired with custom bellbottoms which are at this point, still missing in action. The person from Burbank CA I acquired this from, had it custom made by Antonio Guiseppe in Los Angeles in the early 1970s. Truly one-of-a-kind denim jacket made for a super fan.


He supplied a copy of the album cover from which the image on the front was expertly made.


Now framed and on my wall.







Psychedelic ’70s ROCK STAR JEANS

Early70sRockRollPsychedelicPants$184 Early70sRockRollPsychedelicPants4

Vintage Psychedelic Era ROCK STAR jeans, likely early 1970s more than late 1960s.


Modified Police Riot Helmet with Counter Culture RWB Theme


What makes this an interesting specimen is that it is a one of a kind, spray painted riot gear used perhaps to not only make a political statement, but also for protection if one finds them self in a precarious and violent situation.



Original 1960s San Francisco Haight Ashbury SanFranciscoVictorianHippyPewterGlassbelt2Hippie Artisan Belt – with a superb OOAK Pewter & Art Glass buckle. Circa 1968. The San Francisco Antiques & Art Dealer told me: “We purchased a vast collection from an old hippie that sold his Victorian mansion in the Haight Ashbury district, San Francisco and moved to NYC. We actually purchased the corner bannister/ball (NFS) that was attached to the staircase that went to the second floor – which has a painting image of the “summer of love” on it. All items found date back to the 1960’s“…
A beautiful object of the era, true hippie worn art.
c. 1968
Artist unknown
Buckle 3.62″L x 2.12″ H • Belt length end to end 45″
1960s Los Angeles Mannequin    
with Hand Painted Union Jack
I acquired this ever popular piece from a man in LA who got it from his girlfriend who got it from a former landlord who got it from? That is where the story grows cold… I would assume it was used in a retail situation to give the feel of Carnaby Street on Sunset Blvd, but could have been used as loft decor for a fan of British Music – I will never know. I use it on display to model 1960s British Fashion…

Circa 1968 Hand Painted Psychedelic Guitar for Rock Group “The Incredible Iguanas”1968HippiePsychedelicFolkArtGuitar1

A holy grail kind of piece. A period signed and dated Psychedelic Paint Job on a guitar used by a member of (what I assume being discovered in Anaheim) a 1960s California Garage Band. The “Incredible Iguanas”! Maybe did the California hippie scene psychedelic rock clubs? I found out that the legendary Iggy Pop started in an American group called the “Iguanas”, but guess even with Iggy -= they just weren’t “incredible”… bum dum da da. Folky artwork initialed & dated 1968, prime year for the hippie psychedelic revolution. And no, I can not play a lick.


I picked up a historic piece you may HaightAshbury70sFreeMedicalClinicJacket$110find interesting. I believe this may have been the first free clinic in the country and revolutionized treatment for drug addiction. The Rock Medicine tag dates this to the early 70s when there was a tie-in with Bill Graham and these kind of satin jackets were still popular. The links can explain why i find this such an important find better than I can. Wish I knew his last name.

Some links to this clinic that explain the history of the clinic behind this important piece:    HaightAshbury70sFreeMedicalClinicJacket3







Massive 40″ tall carved early 70s peace sign with a metal base. This was brought back by a Vietnam veteran returning home to California after his tour in 1971.




Spectacular true folk art textile from Colorado! A OOAK signed & dated 1970s The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings “Middle Earth” Hand Embroidered Chambray Shirt. Signed by the artist “With love Ann ‘77”. Shirt tag is “Union Made / BIG SMITH / Sanforized” Size written on collar: 15-15 1/2 Long. A couple years later in time than I usually go, but well worth it in my mind. The Hippies loved Tolkein well before the Peter Jackson’s movies.



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  1. Ah, the summer of love, 1967,!
    “Are you going to San Francisco? The Fish Cheer – “One, Two, Three, what are we fighting for ”
    Of course, I was only a child, in a small rural town in New Hampshire. What did I know of love.

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