Hi, I live in the far away world of Manchester, New Hampshire. I retired and set upon myself to preserve the artifacts of one of the most memorable and important “decade”s of the Twentieth Century. I was just on the other side of this, graduating from UNH in 1975 but it was all around me – the news, music, and even had an older brother involved in the student unrest of the period. My picking up of a piece here and there turned into an avocation. I am a self proclaimed archaeologist of hippies and the psychedelic before their world is lost to the sands of time.

The Hippie Culture / Psychedelic era was short lived, about a decade from roughly 1965-to maybe 1975 (signing of the cease fire in Nam was in 1973 ) when the earth tone craze began as a reaction to the colors of the hippie era… This era was outrageous, it was political, it was vibrant and wish I had started collecting it twenty years ago. Many pieces i will show are from the collection – past & present, plus other prime pieces I find fascinating. Peace brothers!